Both positive and negative online reviews have a great impact on the bottom line of business. Even many experts believe that having online reviews on a website has great influence on the buying pattern of online customers.

About 91% of customers read the online review first and then try the service. And among them, 70% trust these online reviews and customer's feedback. Based on the number of stars and positive reviews customers have given the product, its effects largely on the buying decision of prospective buyers. Also, there is a connection between the number of reviews a business holds and that business’s search engine ranking.


Consulting, a good review management service company helps all types of businesses to improve their online prominence on the internet. These services look after the following things:

  • Online reviews are managed easily via a single dashboard and help generate, monitor and respond to customers easily.
  • Help product owner understand what customers like or dislike.
  • With more number of reviews, the business also improves.
  • It is a great way to promote the business online.
  • A satisfied customer gets a quick, personal, and appropriate response.
  • Publishes the best welcoming and positive review, which increases the number of customers.

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