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The importance of Multicultural Marketing in 2020 Election

The importance of Multicultural Marketing in 2020 Election

According to Census, Racial and Ethnic minorities are growing faster than the white population in the United States. Everyday diversity is increasing and people identify themselves in smaller groups and communities. The immigrants are now broken down by religious beliefs, ethnicity, sexual orientation, etc.

Candidates and campaigns always try to find the easy way to convey their message to the largest target audience but what they tend to forget is that these minority groups add up to millions of people who have never been targeted. While there is a red ocean in the mainstream media for gaining a couple of points on the polls, millions of people in different minority communities remain untouched. 

To begin with, minority communities are being underrepresented by Census, Arab Americans were reported to be 1.69 Million in 2010 Census Survey while Arab American Institute estimated the population to be more than 3.5 million according to their research in the same year. 

Arab Americans protesting - Arabs are not white

This goes on and on with different communities and a great example of why it is important to include everybody in a campaign targeting strategy is what happened in 2017 with Hillary's campaign, Where the forgotten communities eventually added up and changed an outcome of the presidential election. 

70% of Iranian Americans who voted for Obama in 2009 did not vote for Hillary in 2017 that alone is more than half a million people of Citizen, Iranian-Americans Eligible to vote whom Hillary has lost because she didn't reach out to them through her campaign. 

Today's political climate has created a lot of divisions even among similar communities, people on both sides have lost trust in mainstream media and news outlets.

Through multicultural Marketing, we can look for and focus on common grounds that unite these communities. By improving our knowledge about their culture, behavior, and day to day concerns, we can focus on policies and messages that these communities care about and can be used to create a loyal group of followers for the candidate. 

It is estimated that in the 2020 Election we will have a large number of one time voters on both sides and now more than ever it's necessary to target communities that have never been targeted before and establish real, genuine connections between the people and the candidate.


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