An event sponsorship is a critical foundation that is known for financing of all kinds of events where companies, non-profits, and small businesses give payment and in return gain visibility and brand awareness at an event.

If you are looking for event sponsorship services, then you must know that sponsorship is not a charitable movement, but it is a business association between the event organizer and the sponsors. With event sponsorship, the sponsor gains rights and gets benefits in return for investment done in the event.

We at Shaymo advertising offer you best lucrative event sponsorship that help provide develop a set of sponsorship packages which can be offered to probable sponsors. We offer diverse types of sponsorships at different budget levels to all types of people and business.

Why Choose Us ?

Gain access to all your events of a target audience.
Build your brand awareness and recognition.
Creating goodwill towards the sponsor.
Manage clients and employee entertainment/hospitality.
Locating or relocating a surviving product or service.
Sell out the opportunities and the capability to validate merchandise.
Create alertness of any type of issue such as road safety or any social issues.
Gain admittance to the event like to manage the entry tickets and commercial hospitality.

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Print advertising enhances your physical and digital efforts and uses printed media such as newspaper, magazine, banner ads, mobile advertising, and advertising in social media, to reach the target audiences.


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