TV advertising is one of the most effective ways of creating awareness about a product or a brand. As per a report on Statista an average American spends about 3.35 hours watching television everyday, making television one of the most common activities in todays world. TV advertisement is one of the best ways to expose a brand or product as it gives you the opportunity to show the viewers your product, packaging and usage, etc. An effective tv commercial video is essential to an effective tv advertising campaign. The two main steps to a successful TV advertising campaign are:


Effective TV Commercial Video

An effective commercial video conveys your message in 30 or 60 seconds, depending on the duration of the spot purchased. It should be informative, relatable and attractive. In order to work, your commercial video has to create a demand for your brand or product.

Distribution of the TV Commercial Video

One of the key points in a TV advertisement campaign is the distribution of tv ad spots. The place, time and frequency of the spots are important factors in a successful campaign. Through media planning and media buying Shaymo can help you reach your right target audience through the right networks, spot placements and much more.

Television advertising is one of the most massive and cost-effective kinds of promotion when the target audience is large. Acquiring a service of TV advertising lets you focus on your audience in a better way and to be able to inform them about your service greatly.

We at SHAYMO specialize in planning best for your audience to any budget level, whether large or small.

What are we best at?

We investigate, plan, hire the right television channels and check the right slot and programming choice that fits your budget and has maximum influence.
We maintain exceptional relationships with all the TV broadcast networks and stations nationwide.
Our team includes a team of experts in traditional, non-traditional, direct response and brand-building media campaigns
We offer complete services package including concept development, broadcast regulatory approvals, wide-scale production and distribution of resourceful to different stations and networks.

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Event Sponsorship

An event sponsorship is a critical foundation that is known for financing of all kinds of events where companies, non-profits, and small businesses give payment and in return gain visibility and brand awareness at an event.

Radio Advertisement

Radio advertising still has a place in modern marketing strategies. Many businesses rely on radio for entertainment and information, making it a great medium to gain customers and brand awareness.

Print Advertisement

Print advertising enhances your physical and digital efforts and uses printed media such as newspaper, magazine, banner ads, mobile advertising, and advertising in social media, to reach the target audiences.


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