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Almas Food’s high-quality Persian food products had created a high demand between the Persians across the nation. And although Almas Foods had a strong distribution chain, they still could not reach those in areas with fewer Iranians due to lack of middle eastern grocery stores and only those that lived in those areas were able to physically go to the stores and purchase Almas Food products. Because online shopping is slowly replacing the traditional in-store shopping experience because of its accessibility and convenience we decided to entirely shift focus, design and launch an online campaign for Almas Foods through which they could start selling online on their website, Amazon & Facebook. Almas Foods' online campaign was one of the most successful campaigns that we ran up to date. Through this campaign, Almas foods were able to reach not only those in America but across the globe. As of now, Almas Foods' biggest revenue comes from its online sales.

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Audio Ad on Radio Javan

Having access to more than 500,000 Iranian Americans in North America and 30 million Iranians worldwide on Radio Javan platforms gives Shaymo Advertising the ability to create effective Audio campaigns with specific and mesurable call to action.

In 2019 Almas Food's Audio Ad campaign on Radio Javan iOS App Reached to hundreds of thousands of targeted audience and increased the traffic and sales more than 70% .

Audio Ads in RJ App can be a 15 to 30 seconds Commercial Audio which will be played in between the on demand music on Radio Javan.

By tabbing on the ad the user will be directed to the landing page provided by the brand.

Running a campaign on RJ app gives us a report whith exact no of Impressions and clicks by the end of each campaign.



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